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Reasons to invest in fine Gold pieces

Reasons to invest in fine Gold pieces

Gold is one of the world’s most consumed metals and we love to have it made as a part of our everyday lives. This precious metal is used as gifts to a newborn and to even celebrate important milestones of our lives, such as weddings or celebrating yourself. In every stage of our life Gold has been our companion. Which brings us to the question of;

Why should you choose Gold over any other metal? 

  • Gold Is Everlasting


The precious metal is durable and does not taint despite everyday use. The colour of gold also signifies success, achievement and triumph. When we say ‘Gold is Everlasting’ by that we mean – despite the changes in trends, designs or demand, gold has and will never lose its value.

  • Gold can be sold anytime

Gold is a great investment and can be sold for a great value at any given time.You can sell physical gold – for example, Jewelry to a Jewelry store or any gold reseller. DiAi Designs also offers you to sell back your pieces after a year of purchase at the current rate of gold. As an option to order any DiAi piece of your choice, you can also sell your old gold to us, we examine and weigh them, in exchange as a value of your new purchase. No questions asked! 

  • Wear It Anytime Anywhere

Gold needs a severly high temperature to melt which inturn makes it easy for us to wear in our day to day lives. You can wear it while cooking or even when you want to go for a swim. This metal does not lose its shape or shine whatsoever. It’s also a plus if your jewellery is studded with diamonds because the value of the gold increases and shine lasts forever.

  • Match the colour according to your style

Pure gold colours come in Rose, Yellow and White Gold. The choice is yours! The virgin nature of these colours and alloys makes it more durable for everyday use and neither of them irritate your skin or fade overtime.The gold colour can be chosen according to your style;

For a classic and loved by all, “Yellow Gold” is ‘old-school’. The elegant & sophisticated screams  “White Gold”, whilst every millennial’s choice is “Rose Gold”. 

  • Gold Purity options according to budget

‘Gold purity’ simply means the amount of pure gold the jewellery consists of. The purest form of gold is 24kt, followed by 22kt gold which are unfortunately too soft to craft and hold diamonds. Hence, any diamond studded jewellery starts with 18kt gold. At DiAi Designs we offer you; 10kt & 18kt Hallmarked jewellery. We also give you an option for 14kt gold on custom order. If you are not looking for an investment but something budget-friendly, gifting & durable then 10KT is the Gold is for you! Whereas, if you want to invest in your metal & want to pass your jewellery on for generations then you should go for 18KT Gold. 

We are sure you’ve fallen in love with this precious metal, as much as we have! The demand for this metal increases by the day and so does its value. Pass it on for generations or truly make it a part of your everyday luxury!

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