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Chic and Edgy Collection

Chic and Edgy Collection

The DiAi Designs Collection makes it easier for you to pick your jewelry according to your style. We’ve made 7 different categories ranging from Everyday Essentials to Effortless Statements, and got you covered for every timeless look.

Why choose Chic and Edgy?

Our Chic and Edgy collection has modern and stylish pieces which will make any outfit look unique. Those who wear these pieces don’t follow trends, they sometimes even set them. All you have to do is wear them with confidence. This collection adds a little Chic and Edge to elevate your personality. From the 63 pieces listed in our Collection we’ll tell you our absolute favorite ones!

1. Cushion Signature 3-in-1 Earrings

Did you know this is DiAi’s best seller? These multiuse earrings can turn your entire look around. Don’t believe us? You can wear these earrings everyday when you just want to go for a minimal look or wear it around when you have a big occasion. This Stylish and Classic pair is a MUST have for every woman. Shop

2. Diamond Clover Charm Necklace

OH THE CHARM! We all have those days when you don’t wish to dress up too much for an occasion and that’s why this Diamond Clover Charm Necklace has got you covered! This statement piece will add a bling to any outfit. All you have to do is wear it and flaunt it. Also, in many cultures, the four petal clover is known to represent faith, hope, love and luck. These lucky diamond charms look chic & add meaning to your everyday jewellery! Shop

3. Full Diamond Lattice Band

A girl can never say NO to diamonds! This Exquisite and Radiant ring is just the piece you need to make your outfit look chic and edgy. This lattice band adds a hint of glam to your classic look. The hexagonal proportions are fully studded with brilliant-cut diamonds, for all the diamond lovers! Shop

4. Signature Dash Diamond Bracelet

Our Signature Dash Diamond bracelet will truly add a pop to any outfit. Although it may seem delicate, this piece will add glam to your night out. You’ll want to live everyday in our Dash Diamond bracelet. Its seamlessly set diamonds in an arrow formation is a fresh take on a vintage design. In short, there is no way you can go wrong when you wear these DiAi pieces when you step out. You can be as creative and different with your style to look Chic & Edgy. When you feel your style is getting too monotonous or the days you absolutely don’t wish to dress up and your outthings craving for some edge- just style it with one of our DiAi statement pieces.

But the one thingy You CANNOT forget is to wear it with confidence. Shop

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