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Customer Stories

Grand Classic Fine Gold Ring & Grand Cube Ring

Grishma K

Grishma made her first purchase at DiAi Designs with an Eternity Band. It instilled the trust to purchase gifts for her mother and sister in-law. Both 1ct solitaire rings, pieces they can cherish forever.

Everyday Wear, Gifting and Wedding Jewellery

Anamika - Ritika

A sister duo who have been loyal customers at DiAi Designs, for their everyday wear, gifting and wedding jewellery! 'Our first purchase was made in 2019 and now, diamonds for us means DiAi'.

2.02ct Grand Cube Ring

Moushami M

‘I dreamed of buying my own solitaire ever since I was a little girl...when it came to my own story, I had always planned to be my own hero! And so as soon as I was able to afford it, I started my comprehensive research on all things related to a solitaire diamond ring. The 4 C’s, stone settings, lab grown vs natural, Indian jewellers or UK/US retailers, ring design, you name it! It took me almost a year, following many diamond merchants, jewellery influencers and of course DiAi designs before I felt ready to make this huge investment. It’s really important to mention DiAi’s contribution in educating me on the various aspects solitaries which eventually increased my trust in them and I placed such a big order without ever actually meeting them in person. Eventually, my adorable husband wanted to gift it to me.'

P.S. My family loved the ring and overall experience with DiAi so much, that even my sister decided to go with them for her First Solitaire!!’

Mini Tennis Bracelet

Nikhil X

Nikhil's fiancée stumbled upon DiAi Designs and subtly dropped a hint to him. Enamored by the brand's dainty vibe, he surprised her with The Mini Tennis Bracelet on their engagement. Her joy knew no bounds as she proudly wears it every day, a symbol of their love and commitment.

Custom Jewellery for her Bridesmaids

Mehr G

Mehr carefully selected stunning gifts for her beloved bridesmaids, each one a testament to their bond. With a heartfelt note attached, she wrote, "Hey beautiful, it seems I've fallen even more in love than I expected. Despite our crazy days, I'm grateful you stood by me and helped me marry him. #SistersBeforeMisters." Their friendship, stronger than ever, celebrated with DiAi Designs

Grand 1ct Cube Ring with double diamond band

Pratibha S

'I got promoted on this date. And I had promised to gift a solitaire ring to myself on my promotion'.

Grand 6 Prong Earrings

Jyotsna M

This young mother bought a pair of solitaire studs for herself to wear everyday and with the intention to pass on each stud to both her daughters, as a lifelong investment!

Paradoxical Mangalsutra

Niki S

Two opposites, coming together to form a spectacular, eye-catchy, dainty piece.
Niki instantly fell in love with the meaning behind the Paradoxical Love Necklace for her Mangalsutra, a true representation of her marriage.

Custom Charm Bracelet


'To wear a charm bracelet everyday, representing my most adored people and things'.

  1. Open Book - For my love of reading
  2. Travel - Love for travel
  3. Emerald - Lucky stone
  4. Running - Passion for running
  5. 17 - Lucky number
  6. KS - Parents and Husband's initials
  7. Tree of Life - For a Wholesome Life
  8. Believe - Life Motto

Custom Trousseau Essentials

Geetha R

Geetha lovingly gifted her little sister a selection of jewelry pieces as a part of her wedding trousseau, carefully chosen to be worn both on everyday occasions and special moments. Each piece held a significance, representing their sisterly bond and also serve as a heartfelt reminder of Geetha's love and blessings.

Multishape Ring

Kshama S

Every year on their wedding anniversary, Kshama treated herself to a special ring, each one engraved with the year as a precious memento of their beautiful journey together. These rings symbolized the love, growth, and cherished memories they had created, serving as a constant reminder of the wonderful years they had shared.