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8 Versatile Jewellery Pieces, To Invest In Yourself Smartly

8 Versatile Jewellery Pieces, To Invest In Yourself Smartly

Add Versatile jewellery is the way to go. It is the new trend and it’s here to stay . Versatile jewellery is basically any piece of jewellery that can be paired with a variety of outfits in at least two different ways. Having a piece of jewellery that can be worn in different ways is not only cost effective but also hassle free while dressing up. It lets you mix and match and add glam to your everyday outfits. They’re the embodiment of, ‘why have one when you can have all?
Here are some of the Versatile DiAi pieces for all you jewellery lovers to add to your collection:

1. 3 – in – 1 Adjustable Tennis Necklace and Bracelet

If you are looking for something that can be worn everyday and for an occasion, this is your go-to! Wear it as a mid-length tennis necklace or a choker to add sophistication to your look. The choker necklace style, works best for your
layering game. You can also wear it as a double-wraparound bracelet to add sparkle for your everyday office. The pieces comes with an adjustable lock mechanism for you to experiment with. It’s a must have that will definitely not let you down.

2. Round Gold Diamond Disc Necklace

Add a whole new meaning to your traditional gold disc with a touch of diamond and some personalisation. You can wear the necklace with the gold disc and diamond or you can rock the dainty jewellery look by wearing the diamond and chain by itself. A great addition to your everyday wear.

3. Ear Jackets

If you want to change-up the look of your solitaire earrings, without breaking them down, ear jackets are the solution for you. They can be used in two ways, by slipping on the earrings as a halo or by opening the clasp to wear them as danglers. Available in black stones, diamonds and green stones. If you’d like to customise to your choice, we can do that too!

4. Signature 3- in – 1 Earrings

Don’t like keeping too many pairs of earrings but would love to change your look whenever you like? 3- in– 1 earrings are the solution for you. You can wear the small studs for your everyday minimal look, wear them as a dangler for a stylish, casual look or wear them as a full stud for a chic, bolder look. They are everything that you’ll ever need. Comes in 7 shapes!

5. Moonlight Hoops

Love gold and diamond hoops? Our Moonlight Hoops are encrusted with diamonds on the outside and the inside, for a full diamond look. Turn it around for a full gold hoop look too! Wear these earrings from daylight to moonlight!

6. Classic Two – Way Round hoops

The regular slim yet statement hoops just got an upgrade, with diamonds on one side. Perfect to play around with and change your look in an instant. Wear the good or diamond look according to your mood!

7. Versatile Miles Ring

Why have one when you can have two? Our Versatile Miles Ring has two looks glammed up in one. Stack it up with your other rings and experiment with your looks! So easy to take from dainty to casual. Also makes for a great gifting piece, with its price-point.

8. Two – Way Emerald Cut Ring

If you love your eternity bands but like a change once in a while, the two– way emerald cut ring is made for you. This ring is made up of emerald solitaire diamonds of 0.20cts each and black stones. Wear it as a full white diamond band or turn it around to add to your edgy look, or even stack it up with your other solitaires.

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