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Evil Eye Bag Charm

E/F VVS-VS Lab Grown Diamonds

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Stay away from bad vibes, but in style! Use this as a bag charm, to add dimension and give your bag a whole new unique look, but you know the best part? Wear it as an everyday pendant or watch charm too! Such a versatile and gorgeous pieces, you didn't know you needed.

Put the pendant in any chain to wear as a pendant or lock it on your favourite bag.

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Handpicked Certified Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lifetime warranty for repairs, re-polishing, cleaning and rhodium

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At DiAi Designs we understand the modern woman's aesthetic and craft every piece with utmost intricacy. Despite the certifications, our team handpicks only the best quality and cut diamonds. Keeping style, wearability and value in mind, these fine jewellery pieces can be worn today and forever.

In Pure Gold & Certified Lab-Grown Diamonds