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Trousseau Shopping beyond the Wedding

Trousseau Shopping beyond the Wedding

With the Big Day coming around the corner, we often get so occupied with over-the-top outfits, big jewellery pieces and a long list of branded bags. We’re giving trousseau shopping a whole new meaning, with smart, practical and value-added shopping!

Plan, organize and shop!

  1. Make a list of all the categories you need to shop for- Clothes, Jewellery, Bags, Travel Kits, Lingerie, Shoes, Makeup and etc.
  2. Sub-categorize all of the above into- Daily/work wear, party wear, Indian wear, travel, workout essentials etc.
  3. Make a BUDGET! (excluding your wedding day outfits and jewellery)
  • This is the most important, so that you stay on track and don’t over/under spend.

With this budget for your trousseau, you now have to prioritize keeping in mind your life after the big day!

Here are a few examples on how you can organize & shop:

Makeup and Skincare

Stocking up on all the right makeup and skincare is essential, but remember not to overstock, it has an expiry date! Buy a wide range of nail paints and lip shades, suitable for work and daily wear, party wear and casual wear. With your makeup base, opt for single bottles of your foundation, concealers and compacts. Don’t forget all your skin food! With all the post marriage adjustments, your skin may take some time to adapt to this new lifestyle. Take it easy by selecting your regulars and non-irritating skin care products- preferably organic!


Engagement and wedding rings for women are obviously the most important! Once that and your bigger diamond and gold jewellery is out of the way, think about what you’ll wear post the wedding day. Now that you’re entering a new and more ‘adult’ phase, set aside your costume jewellery and give yourself an elegant update, with some fine jewellery! Opt for affordable diamond jewellery that is stylish, versatile yet classic. Daily use gold earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are a definite must-have! For bigger events, you can layer your minimal jewellery with a statement piece and give it a fresh look.

We would suggest, buy diamond jewellery that is ethical, economical and elegant so that you are guilt-free and can stock up with stylish trends every year!



A few branded bags are classics and go a long way. However, add a range of fun, playful and useful phone-sized clutches to your collection too. It’s great for the on-the-go wife! A jute and non-leather bag is also a very thoughtful yet stylish addition to your wardrobe for casual day-outs.



Heels, platforms, flats, sneakers, flip-flops etc. you surely need them all! You can do with a few inexpensive shoes that are cute and comfy too, so that you don’t overspend and can get an update every season! Don’t forget to keep a pair or two of boots, just in case you are headed for a chilly vacation.

Always remember to make a practical purchase by visualizing when, where and how many times you are going to use your shopping.
Nevertheless, if there’s something you really love, go for it!
Trousseau shopping is probably the only time you will never be told off to shop! 

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