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New Year, New Resolution

New Year, New Resolution

Every New Year comes with a new resolution, a new take on old practices, a new good deed and sometimes a great switch too!

What’s yours going to be this year?

In line with our motto, Ethical, Elegant and Economical, we are going to go through why Ethical practices and shopping should be your number one priority for the coming year!

Conscious Living

Ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable shopping is the upcoming trend this year. Opt for brands which use raw materials that do not destroy nature or practice unethical issues, such as child labour, animal testing or illegal trade. Many assume that sustainable products aren’t trendy, stylish or even classics. However, there are now multiple brands globally and in India who have started sustainably stylish fashion.

Make-up & skin-care: Your skin is one of the most crucial and sensitive parts of the body. Leaving on or applying harmful chemicals and substances on the skin have unimaginable long-term consequences. We highly recommend switching to clean, organic make-up and skin care this year, for skin that glows from within!

Jewellery: This year aim to purchase jewellery that is an investment which doesn’t just sit in your locker or burn a hole in your pocket and yet doesn’t harm Mother Earth. Sustainable lab-grown diamonds were the talk of the town last year and are definitely going to be trending in all sorts of fine jewellery and engagement rings this year. They’re great because they take on the issue of Blood Diamonds and drastically prevent concerns such as child labour and illegal trade. Whilst being physically, optically and chemically the same as mined diamonds, they also come at half the price of your regular fine jewellery.

Well, now you’ll know which jewellery to be looking for this year!

Clothes: Decades ago, before chemical dyes were even invented; all fabrics were dyed naturally, on organic fabrics that last a lifetime and never fade. This trend peeped into 2018 and we are sure it will be all the rage this coming year! There are brands which design extremely stylish sustainable fashion and zero-waste outfits and it’s such a catch! Head over to your nearest store or simply check out their online stores to be on top of your fashion game this year!

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