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How to plan a sustainable wedding?

How to plan a sustainable wedding?

Most of us have heard about celebrities like Dia Mirza having completely sustainable weddings and felt inspired, but gotten stuck when it came to the actual execution of it. What does it really take to plan a sustainable wedding, to celebrate your love without hurting the environment? We’ve got you covered with these tips to have a sustainable wedding ceremony!

Sustainable Engagement Rings 

Let’s start from the first step. Proposing! Is there a better way to pronounce your love than to do it while being environmentally conscious at the same time? With brands like DiAi Designs specializing in lab-grown eco-friendly jewelry, there’s no need for concern! Their wide range of solitaires have you covered for any shape or size you need. 


With everything going digital, why should your invites still be traditional and on paper?

 E-vites save paper, and costs. It’s a win-win situation!

But if you would still like to opt for a physical invitation, seed paper can do the trick. It gives a rustic look to your invitation and can also be planted into flowers after!


A sustainable eco-friendly alternative to getting a new heavy outfit stitched for you is to borrow, or rent one. Although this is an idea that may not be appealing to most women who dream about their wedding ‘lehenga’ since they’re old enough to know what goes into a wedding ceremony, it is one that could save a lot of resources. 


Minimalism is the new going-all-out. You can opt for bio-degradable and natural minimal decor, giving your ceremony a fresh feel and modern look! 


Opting for glass re-usable cutlery like Dia Mirza or those made from sugarcane fiber like Deepika Padukone as compared to using plastic or Styrofoam can make a big difference in your overall plastic waste.  

Return gifts 

If you want to go that extra mile and show your guests you appreciate their coming to celebrate you, why not gift them a potted plant? It’s a thoughtful and environmentally friendly gift, and one that they can put their own love into nurturing. 

Making anything sustainable or eco-friendly seems like such a big and daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s really every small step that counts, and always remember, no step is too small when planning a sustainable wedding!

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