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Customise Your Jewellery With DiAi Designs

Customise Your Jewellery With DiAi Designs

Jewellery is a sentimental and forever investment, so it only makes sense that you purchase exactly what you want. As a brand we encourage you to be happy with every purchase and hope that you can wear it as often as possible, instead of keeping them in your locker. Hence, we give the option to create anything in gold and diamonds, no matter how big or small. The ‘Custom Jewellery’ Section on our website allows you to get as personal as you like. We let your creativity flow and come to life and love to create the magic for you!
Here are the broader categories to personalise your jewellery:

  • Letters 

Initial or name pieces are a staple you can never go wrong with! You can wear the initials or name of yourself or loved one in any way you like. We let you custom make this with as many letters you like, whether it’s just one initial or an entire name. These are handcrafted with 10kt gold or 18kt gold and certified lab grown diamonds.

  • Zodiac

Over the years, we have seen celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and even Megan Markle rock their zodiac jewellery. Star signs are the most exciting part of astrology and we have decided to have some fun with it. We have a wide variety of zodiac necklaces on our website which are best for gifting to someone on their birthday, or you can create anything your stars can align with!

  • Color stones

Every woman has a favorite gemstone, whether it is her birthstone or another she is pulled towards. From precious rubies and sapphires to semi-precious stones – we can use these to craft the design of your choice.

  • Others

This section in custom jewellery lets you be as creative as you’d like to be. Over the years we have created high-end custom pieces to even pieces in different languages, send us a reference and it’s yours! From bridal to everyday wear, they are sure to be a sentimental piece you will pass on for the generations to come. Once you finalise your design (with or without our assistance) we make a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for you to see a 3D vision of it. Modifications can be made to this before we turn it into gold and diamonds!

We cannot wait to see the pieces you’ve been dreaming about and would love to make it all come true.

Happy Customising!

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