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8 facts you need to know about Lab-grown Diamonds

8 facts you need to know about Lab-grown Diamonds

1. It is a diamond that is ‘truly forever’

The phrase, ‘A Diamond is Forever’ was developed by a female ad copywriter named Frances Gerety, in 1947. It is a very powerful phrase which perfectly describes a diamond’s nature- whether it is mined or lab-grown. The hardness of the diamond makes it extremely difficult to damage it under normal circumstances. Since a lab-grown diamond is conflict-free and eco-friendly too, we believe it is diamond that is ‘truly forever’.


2. Physically, optically and chemically the same as a mined diamond.

Since a diamond (whether it is mined or lab-grown) is formed from a carbon, its chemical compositions and hardness is what is the most important. Hence, if these properties match, it makes a lab-grown diamond no more different than a mined one and it is indeed, as sparkly too!


3. Lab-grown diamonds are adding to the Diamond Industry.

Many believe lab-grown diamonds are a threat to the traditional mined diamond industry. However, we believe that it is merely an addition to the industry. It gives the consumer another option to choose from and even opens up doors to ethically-conscious consumers.


4. Every lab-grown diamond is unique and has impurities too!

Due to the high temperature and pressure in the Earth’s mines, a mined diamond is known to have impurities, making them rare and different from every piece. The same applies to a lab-grown diamond. It too comes in different shapes, colours, clarities and sizes. The rough created in the lab is identical and is then cut and polished in the same process.


5. It does not harm Mother Earth.

Gallons of water, tons of waste and miles of land disrupted are the consequence of mining a diamond. A man-made diamond takes only 8 weeks to grow in a lab, without upsetting Mother Earth!


6. No child labour or illegal trade.

Ethicality is a very delicate subject. Blood diamonds have been prevalent for years now. Lab-grown diamonds do not require an opportunity for child labour or illegal trade, since the entire process of a carbon form developing into a diamond, takes place under one roof!

7. So affordable!

Who thought we could get real diamonds at half the price? The nature of the process and time taken allows for painless supply, making them 50% cheaper than mined diamonds. Undoubtedly some affordable luxury!


8. Great to stud in your jewellery.

Whilst, the trend of lab-grown diamonds started off with engagement rings, studding smaller diamonds on to your favourite jewellery piece is great too! The cost of your favourite design makes it super affordable and allows you to buy two pieces of jewellery instead of one! Now that’s a catch.

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