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About DiAi Designs

At DiAi Designs we understand the modern woman's aesthetic and craft every piece with utmost intricacy. Despite the certifications, our team handpicks only the best quality and cut diamonds. Keeping style, wearability and value in mind, these fine jewellery pieces can be worn today and forever.

The  founder and designer, Disha, comes from a family of diamond jewellers, with an established brand in wholesale diamond jewellery. After her schooling in Hong Kong and further studies in Mumbai, she worked 9-5 jobs and later joined her family business. With the desire to do much more than usual, Disha initially set off with DiAi Designs with her best friend, who later had to take a step back due to personal commitments. She works with a team of young minds and skilled artisans who share a similar passion of creating jewellery that is stylish, luxurious yet accessible to all kinds of women.

Disha, Founder & Designer at DiAi Designs

Brand Vision

In addition to the classic 4 C’s of diamonds; Cut, Carat, Colour, Clarity, DiAi adds the 3 E’s to their jewellery; Ethical, Economical and Effortless.

Their designs, style and ethically grown diamonds, is what sets them apart. These diamonds are optically, physically, chemically and as sparkly as mined diamonds. They do not destroy the earth’s natural state and prevent unethical issues, resulting in a diamond that is truly forever. These diamonds can metaphorically be compared to that of a test-tube baby. All DiAi jewellery comes in 10kt, 14kt or 18kt gold, embellished with these diamonds, with their respective Internationally Accredited certifications, to suit every individual’s style.

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DiAi designs is a collection of modern and sustainable fine jewellery, formed as a result of a gap in the existing jewellery market. Join our journey where Sustainability Meets Style!