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Jewellery Education

DiAi designs is India’s first sustainable fine jewellery brand, with stylish and dainty designs for the modern woman. All pieces are handcrafted in 10kt/18kt gold, embellished with certified, eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds. DiAi’s aim is to create a brand that mirrors the values and style of its contemporary customers, leaving them feeling good, both inside and out. Lab-grown diamonds are a recent phenomena that do not destroy the earth’s natural state and prevents unethical issues, such as child labour and illegal trade. These diamonds have the same physical, optical and chemical composure as mined diamonds and hence are just as sparkly as them. They are pure carbon diamonds grown in a lab with the same pressure and temperature as given in the earth’s mines. The results yield a diamond that is guilt-free and truly forever.

For an insight into the #DiAiworld, check out our process of creating jewellery, integrated with answers to some frequently asked queries.


How is a DiAi piece created ?

Passion + Modern Design + Care for our customers, staff, the community and the Earth itself.

For many years the traditional jewellery industry has been criticised for overpricing, unethical practices and illegal trade with repetitive and conventional designs. With DiAi designs, we’re here to sustain the age-old luxury in diamond jewellery but with a twist of contemporary thinking and ethical awareness.

All DiAi jewellery is made with love using solid gold and certified lab-grown diamonds, at our jewellery studio in Mumbai.

Gold Casting

Which type of Gold is used and which one is better, 10kt or 18kt gold ?

This entirely depends on what you’re looking for! Gold is measured in karats, which indicates its purity level. 18kt gold is made up of 75% pure gold, which makes it a perfect investment option, whilst 10kt gold is made up of 41.7% pure gold, which makes it harder and thus, a more durable option. Worry not! Neither of them will irritate your skin nor tarnish over time.

Diamond Procurement & Setting

What are lab-grown diamonds ? Are they real diamonds ?

Absolutely! Lab-grown diamonds are sustainably produced diamonds, which do not harm the earth’s natural state nor are a part of any illegal trade. These diamonds are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop when they form in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust.

The same rough diamond is created from the carbon and goes through the same process of cutting and polishing, to make a diamond that is chemically, physically & optically exactly the same as mined diamonds. They are proud and sustainable diamonds which indeed sparkle forever. The only difference is the point of origin.

Mined diamonds will always be rare and precious in its own way, but if you’re looking at saving some bucks and would like to contribute to sustainable practices, this is definitely a great option for you!

Quality Control

How can I ensure the quality of a DiAi piece ?

Each DiAi piece goes through intense quality-checks, at every stage of manufacturing, to ensure the most beautiful jewellery is delivered to you. To make it even more right, we provide Lifetime Warranty on all DiAi jewellery. This is a no-questions asked warranty with Repair, Re-polishing, Cleaning and Rhodium, all at no cost, forever!

Authentication & Certification

Can I get a certificate of authentication ?

Of course! For both gold and diamonds!

The Gold is authenticated with BIS Hallmark. It is a sole agency verified by the Government of India, which authenticates the quality and karat of gold. All DiAi jewellery comes with a laser engraving of the Hallmark code, to authenticate the karat of gold. This can help you resell your piece in the future, if needed.

All our diamonds are certified by the international, Solitaire Gemmological Laboratory (SGL). All DiAi jewellery comes with a certificate of diamonds from SGL which will be placed in the packaging you receive with the product. All of our white diamonds are graded colourless-near colourless (F-H) and are graded (VVS-SI) for clarity. Each certificate is identical to mined diamond certificates which contain detailed information of the diamond’s 4C’s-Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity. If you have any specific requirement, we are happy to make it possible!


How is DiAi jewellery priced ?

Yes, we retail, but our prices don’t. Traditional retail pricing includes heavy costing of marketing gimmicks, store expenses, sales commissions, designer label mark-ups, distribution costs and inflated pricing on diamonds. Breaking through this system, we use a direct distribution channel with in-house manufacturing, minimal marketing and other expenses to pass to our customers, who can benefit from much lower prices. Being the first brand selling lab-grown diamond jewellery, we also benefit from great vendor relationships. Passing on all these advantages to you, is our ultimate goal. Keeping prices low but our standards high!


Like the product, is the packaging sustainable and eco-friendly too ?

Definitely! We have embedded this philosophy throughout our brand’s values, right from the growth of our diamonds, making of the jewellery, to the packaging. Unlike other luxury jewellery brands, we use hand-picked recycled paper. Our tags can even be grown into flowers, if put into soil and watered every day. This is just an excuse for us to give back to the Earth, one DiAi piece at a time.


Does DiAi jewellery have a resale value ?

Similar to mined diamond jewellery, our jewellery also has the exact same resale value. It is life-long, with the gold and diamonds both valued at the current market price at the time of resale.