DiAi Bridal Styling

About DiAi Bridal Styling:

DiAi Bridal Styling, a personalized styling experience where vision and taste intertwine. We design your entire jewellery ensemble consisting of pieces that you or your loved ones want to make into timeless treasures. This service comes complimentary with the jewellery we make or revamp for you, to blend into your wedding legacy and beyond. Our vision is to ensure that your jewellery is not only sentimental but also practical.

With our seamless, personalised styling experience, you can be rest assured that everything jewellery related is taken care of!

To craft your occasion look piece by piece, the exercise needs personalised attention and sound understanding of jewellery. We ensure that the pieces are truly value-buys, eternal and practical in your daily life too, creating detachables and other layered designs that blend seamlessly into other diverse environments.

Jewellery is usually the most expensive part of your look. It is a lifetime investment that carries a lifetime of legacy. As a jewellery brand we will of course help you with deciding and designing your bridal jewellery, whilst also keeping in mind all the other aspects. We believe that, one should take jewellery beyond the Big Day, yet make sure it looks exceptional on the day too!
DiAi Designs helps you curate an entire look, keeping your venue, decor, outfits and versatility in mind.

1) We design all the pieces of jewellery for you or your loved ones keeping the celebrations and future wearability in mind.

2) Each piece is designed according to your taste, preferences, traditions, rituals and budget.

3) If you aren’t creative and don’t have a design, we will understand your overall vision and curate it with you.

4) We can assure that each piece will be one of its kind, made just for you, unlike jewellery off the racks.

5) Personal styling tips will be provided, in case you want to mix your existing collection with your DiAi Designs jewellery. Revamping post the celebrations is also possible.

6) Entire trousseau and gifting curation will be done according to your budget and style. In case of any other pieces that you do not wish to purchase from DiAi Designs, recommendations for the same will be provided.

7) During the jewellery making process, the team will be involved thoroughly at every stage. If you’d like to make any changes to the design or if we feel along the process something can enhance your look, we will be sure to intimate it to you.

8) Post paying the initial deposit, if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can make any purchase from DiAi Designs, valid for 1 year.

9) The initial deposit will be adjusted with the total value of the jewellery ensemble.


1) Fill the contact form with basic details, on the website under ‘Bridal Styling’.

2) Our team will contact you to understand your requirements and get familiar with your style and budget.

3) An exclusive link will be sent to fill in a detailed form

4) Make the payment of the ‘Bridal Styling Deposit Fee’ and checkout.

5) Post evaluating your preferences, taste and style, an initial formation of a design catalog is prepared just for you.

6) The designs will be discussed over a Virtual or In-Store appointment and if you’d like to make any changes you can intimate us.

In case you aren’t happy with the service, the deposit can be adjusted with any other DiAi purchase within 1 year, otherwise it will be deducted from the total value of the jewellery ensemble.