Wedding Season Jewellery Guide

With the onset of the wedding season, we all want to be decked up and look our best. However, it can be overwhelming with all the varieties and brands out

How do you choose your Solitaire?

Solitaires are a lifelong investment and therefore becomes very important to choose them wisely. Before we go into details about the process of choosing a solitaire, let’s understand what a


Re-Educating & Re-Using to make a smart and conscious fine jewellery purchase. With the increasing number of jewellery brands out there, the endless options and information can get cluttered and confusing.

6 DiAi looks to #FrostYourself

The inspiration behind our Christmas Campaign; #FrostYourselfWithDiAi comes from the famous movie “How to lose a guy in 10 days”  Just like this slogan inspired us, we want our DiAi

Chic and Edgy Collection

The DiAi Designs Collection makes it easier for you to pick your jewelry according to your style. We’ve made 7 different categories ranging from Everyday Essentials to Effortless Statements, and

Jewellery Hacks

We’re all seeking ways to simplify our lives, and having a few handy hacks on hand can go a long way. Here are a few to get you started.  How

6 FAQs about DiAi’s Solitaires

Given that this week is all about #SustainablyStylishSolitatres, we compiled a list of the mostcommonly asked questions regarding Solitaire Diamonds. 1. What is a Solitaire? A solitaire is a diamond

As We Turn 3, here’s A Letter from Di

To my dearest DiAi family, This letter is about our 3 year journey, the inception, the struggles, the accomplishments and the countless favours and support I have received from my

Glimpses into DiAi Features

Over the past three years, DiAi has been proudly featured in multiple esteemed publications, for the modern designs, sustainable practices and woman entrepreneurship. Below are some of them: We look

How to plan a sustainable wedding?

How to plan a sustainable wedding? Most of us have heard about celebrities like Dia Mirza having completely sustainable weddings and felt inspired, but gotten stuck when it came to

How Can You Be an Eco-Warrior Everyday

How Can You Be an Eco-Warrior Everyday? A person actively involved in preventing damage to the environment is called an Eco-Warrior and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a


    AN ODE TO THE MULTIFACETED WOMAN The word facet is most often used when referring to gems, to talk about one of its many sides. It could be

4 Signature Solitaire Ring Styles

The Modern Sustainable Bride 4 Signature Sustainable Diamond Engagement Ring Styles Wedding trends have evolved as Millennials are coming to the age to get married. Customers now demand a high level

Can Diamonds be Earth’s Best Friend?

Lab Grown vs. “Real” Can Diamonds be  Earth’s Best Friend?   Today, most natural products have man-made alternatives, but the one question that remains in most of our minds is –

Celebrities Flaunting Their Lab-Grown Diamonds

Celebrities Flaunting Their Lab-Grown Diamonds What are lab-grown diamonds? Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that have been created in a lab instead of being mined from the earth. They are chemically,

Lab Grown Diamonds FAQ

    Lab Grown Diamonds FAQ 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds The rapidly growing lab-grown diamond industry has caught everyone’s attention and lets many consumers wonder,

Getting to know Di

How did Disha begin DiAi Designs – one of the only Lab-Grown Diamond jewellery brands at the time, against all odds?   We’ve all seen the jewellery, we love the

Top 5 Workwear Essentials in 2021

    How to look like a Boss Lady Top 5 Workwear Essentials in 2021 How to dress like a modern woman at work, in order to convey your boss


ADOPTING MINIMALISM   Over the past few decades, our close knit, self-involved culture has added new social pressure to our lives. Social networks have been programmed in a way to

Trousseau Shopping beyond the Wedding

With the Big Day coming around the corner, we often get so occupied with over-the-top outfits, big jewellery pieces and a long list of branded bags. We’re giving trousseau shopping

New Year, New Resolution

New Year, New Resolution   Every New Year comes with a new resolution, a new take on old practices, a new good deed and sometimes a great switch too! What’s

Nikita Madhani’s must-have mantras

Nikita Madhani’s Must-Have Mantras   Nikita Madhani is a fashion blogger, with great style and passion for new trends. She has a large following of young girls and women who