6 DiAi looks to #FrostYourself

The inspiration behind our Christmas Campaign; #FrostYourselfWithDiAi comes from the famous movie “How to lose a guy in 10 days”  Just like this slogan inspired us, we want our DiAi women to frost themselves with beautiful, sparkling and frosted with DiAi diamonds, this Christmas!

Here are 6 ways you can style your Winter outfits:

  • Overcoat for the pleasant chills

Wear your overcoat buttoned down with a simple bralette, for the not-so chilly winter days. Put on your favourite necklaces, for a layered look, paired with a fun ring stack. This keeps your look stylish yet sexy, from desk to dinner.

Featuring here are the;

Raindrop Necklace- https://diaidesigns.com/product/raindrop-diamond-necklace/ 

Pleat Necklace- Hamsa Hand Necklace- https://diaidesigns.com/product/hamsa-hand-necklace/ 

Double-U Ring- https://diaidesigns.com/product/double-u-ring/ 

Emerald Solitaire Ring- https://diaidesigns.com/product/mini-emerald-classic-fine-gold-ring/ 

Arko Ring- https://diaidesigns.com/product/arko-ring/ 

  • Sweatshirts for extra comfort

For those who prefer comfort and a hassle-free look, sweatshirts accessorised with a simple pair of solitaire studs and a charm necklace, is the way to go! Pair with a minimal ring stack for your everyday.

Featuring here are the;

Midi 6 Prong Earrings – https://diaidesigns.com/product/midi-6-prong-earrings/ 

Classic Fine Gold Ring – https://diaidesigns.com/product/mini-classic-fine-gold-ring/ 

Crest Diamond Band – https://diaidesigns.com/product/crest-diamond-band-ring/ 

  • Turtle-necks for the old-school lovers

Enhance your jawline with the perfect pair of danglers or hoops. Tuck your hair behind your ear, to make an effortless statement.

Featuring here are the;

Trey Glam Long Diamond Earrings- https://diaidesigns.com/product/trey-glam-long-diamond-earrings/ 

  • Cardigans to have some fun

You can do so much with a deep neck sweater! Style your outfit with a choker and a long necklace to compliment your neckline. You can even create a wrist stack and completely frost yourself with diamonds.

Featuring here are the;

Silhouette Bar Hoops – https://diaidesigns.com/product/silhouette-bar-hoops/ 

Talwar Necklace – https://diaidesigns.com/product/talwar-necklace/ 

Diamond Line Bezel Necklace – https://diaidesigns.com/product/diamond-line-bezel-necklace/ 

Femine Diamond Bracelet – https://diaidesigns.com/product/femine-diamond-bracelet/

Skylight Diamond Disc Bracelet – https://diaidesigns.com/product/skylight-diamond-disc-bracelet/

Petite Hexagon Bracelet – https://diaidesigns.com/product/petite-hexagon-bracelet/ 

  • Knitted sweaters that never go out of style

Dust off your granny’s knitted sweaters and make it stylish! Start off by layering a charm and pendant-style necklace and move on to pair with an elegant pair of earrings. Our signature 3-in-1 earrings are a value-buy surely to make her proud.

Featuring here are the;

Cushion Signature 3-in1 earrings – https://diaidesigns.com/product/cushion-signature-3-in-1-earrings/ 

Galaxy Necklace – https://diaidesigns.com/product/galaxy-necklace/ 

Sun Moon Union Necklace – https://diaidesigns.com/product/sun-moon-union-necklace/ 

  • The perfect trending vegan fur

For those of you who love the feeling of being cuddled inside a warm blanket, a sophisticated vegan fur top paired with a ring stack, is the perfect amalgamation of statement and style. Go all out with frosting your fingers for maximum bling!

Featuring here are the;

Diamond Contour Bracelet – https://diaidesigns.com/product/diamond-contour-bracelet/ 

Diamond Bezel Finger Bracelet – https://diaidesigns.com/product/diamond-bezel-finger-bracelet/ 

Intertwined Infinity Ring- https://diaidesigns.com/product/intertwined-infinity-ring/ 

Open HoneyComb Duo Ring- https://diaidesigns.com/product/open-honeycomb-duo-ring/ 

Make it a December to Remember with style, dazzling in diamonds to #FrostYourselfWithDiAi